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Fateh Bagh

Ranakpur Road,Pali,306702
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Situated at Ranakpur, t far from Udaipur, Fateh Bagh Palace has a history as rich as the rest of the state. But certainly thing about the palace is more unique than the fact that its owner, Jitendra Singh Rathore, a hotelier and scion of royal Rajput family, decided to move it stone by stone, to a setting more suited to a heritage hotel. The magnitude of the task is awe-inspiring. The palace was originally located at Koshilav, a small village near Ranakpur. A team of 50 including a civil engineer were selected to carry out the relocation. It took local artisans two years to transport the 65,000 pieces of stone that make up the palace to a lakeside location at Ranakpur, famed for its beautiful Jain temples.